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Puppy Socialization Fee=$20.  This is a one time
enrollment fee.  You can come to as many
classes up to 18 weeks of age.  Receive $10 off obedience I
by enrolling in puppy class

Beginning Obedience class fee is $200.  Multil-pet Discount

Obedience II class fee is $100.  

CGC/Therapy dog class is $120.

LifeTime Package:  Dog can attend all 4 classes(puppy socialization, obedience I, obedience II & CGC),  one private lesson a year for lifespan of dog and attend any socials at no additional cost.  Package fee is $500.  To take advantage of LifeTime Package email us at  

Coupons CANNOT be used in conjuction with other discounted pricing.  

Obedience One:
Beginning Obedience
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